Why you should add Shea butter to your daily routine expeditiously!

A majority of people know that it works as an excellent moisturizer but, Shea butter is beyond skin deep and we’re going to show you how it can improve your life from head to toe.

Shea butter can be utilized in a variety of ways for all black hair types. It is extremely moisturizing which allows it to soothe dandruff or a dry and itchy scalp. Due to its light nature, it doesn’t clog your pores which allows it to penetrate your scalp. Relaxed, colored, damaged or natural hair all benefit from the use of shea butter. It’s best to apply it to slightly damp hair by warming the shea butter up in your palm and spread it evenly from roots to tips. Use it every day to maintain healthy and moisturized hair

Whether you’re dealing with the harsh harmattan weather or the brutal North-American winter, shea butter is your best protection against dry, damaged skin. While it is an effective everyday moisturizer, it also includes great benefits for your skin. Vitamin A can be found in shea butter, which helps a lot of skin conditions like eczema, wrinkles, dermatitis, and blemishes. It can also be used as a natural sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 6, we recommend adding it to your go-to SPF product for maximum protection. A pro tip to soft supple skin is to apply a thin layer of shea butter unto your skin before shaving, be sure to use a small amount to avoid clogging your razor.

Shea butter is considered to have healing properties and can be used as a treatment for; sunburns, itchy skins, frostbites, dry/cracking skin, skin allergies from poison ivy, stretch mark prevention while pregnant and many many more. Shea butter is a suitable treatment due to its chemical properties which include Vitamin A and Vitamin E and catechins which are natural antioxidants that improve the overall condition of the skin

Did you know that your body partially detoxes through your feet? Having rough, hard and, dry cracked skin however prevents detoxing from happening. Luckily shea butter can make your dry arches supple again overnight! Soak your feet in a tub and scrape away dead skin with a pumice stone, once dry, apply a thick layer of shea butter unto your feet ensuring to massage it into every crevice. Wrap your feet in cling film and put on thick socks. Leave this on overnight and in the morning you will awake to soft, silky skin! Be sure to apply the shea butter daily to maintain the results

To get the most out of your Shea butter it is important that you are using unrefined or grade A shea butter.


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